Protect Virginia’s Clean Cars Law!

Protect Virginia’s Clean Cars Law!

Virginia’s clean cars law will make electric cars more affordable and accessible while reducing climate pollution. But Governor Glenn Youngkin has been attacking this key climate law – and now he’s working to undo this landmark climate law at the state legislature.

Tell your state lawmakers to stand strong against Gov. Youngkin’s anti-climate assault.

Urge your Virginia state lawmakers to defend Virginia’s clean cars law!

Urge your Virginia state lawmakers to reject Gov. Youngkin’s anti-climate attacks and defend Virginia’s clean cars law!

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Virginia’s Clean Cars law boldly tackles climate change: the law ensures that starting in 2024, almost one in 10 new cars on auto dealers’ lots in Virginia will be electric. As time goes on, Virginia will slowly increase this percentage, until 13 years from now when — in line with Ford, Chevy, GM, and many other carmakers’ commitments to become all-electric — all new cars on auto dealers’ lots will be electric.

This law will safeguard public health, protect disproportionately impacted communities, and support Virginia’s climate future, all while bringing economic benefits to business owners and residents by slashing car-fueling costs by more than half.

And yet, after spending his time in office attacking Virginia’s critical climate laws, Gov. Youngkin recently turned to Virginia’s Clean Cars law, falsely claiming that it’s “out of touch” with what Virginians want. And now he’s working to overturn this landmark law on behalf of Big Polluters and climate deniers.

Those attacks are not just bad for our climate, they’re bad for our wallets: the truth is that electric vehicles are more affordable to drive and quickly becoming more accessible, thanks to vastly increased manufacturing capacity by American automakers and legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act and Virginia’s Clean Cars law. And decreasing the number of gas-guzzling vehicles on the road is key to reducing pollution that harms our health and fuels the climate crisis.

That’s why we need you to take action and tell your state representatives not to fall for Gov. Youngkin’s anti-climate assault. Virginians want clean cars to fuel our climate future!