Tell Biden’s EPA: Protect Health and Fight Climate Change

Tell Biden’s EPA: Protect Health and Fight Climate Change

Biden’s EPA finalized a standard to clean up harmful air pollution from new fossil fuel trucks. But the standard does NOT go far enough and fails to accelerate the transition to zero-emission trucks. Furthermore, EPA must act to address pollution and drive all parts of the freight transportation sector to zero emissions, including developing new regulations for trains, cargo handling equipment, and ships. The EPA has a responsibility to slash air pollution, protect communities, and address the climate crisis — and can do so by strengthening these standards.

Submit a message urging EPA to drastically reduce climate-busting pollution from trucks and freight vehicles!

Submit a message urging EPA to pursue strong truck and freight vehicle standards!

Dirty Trucks

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Dirty diesel trucks, trains, ships, and other freight equipment are fueling climate change and pose an urgent public health crisis across the country — causing deadly diseases such as asthma, heart problems, and cancer.

Last year, as a member of the Moving Forward Network, we sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanding zero emission solutions for freight operations. Unfortunately, little progress has been made to address the deadly pollution caused by trucks and freight.

We urgently need action by EPA, specifically, setting strong pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks and all sectors of freight to transition the sector to electrification and incorporate zero-emission solutions. The industry is already driving in this direction and the Inflation Reduction Act provides historic investments to help accelerate this — now we need the standards to lock in progress.

Last December, Biden’s EPA issued standards limiting how much air pollution new heavy-duty vehicles can emit. But the standards do NOT go far enough and fail to accelerate the transition to zero-emission trucks. Moreover, EPA has made little to no progress on cleaning up other freight vehicles that plague communities across the country.

Please submit a message urging EPA to build upon that action and significantly strengthen its truck standards and drive the whole freight sector to zero emissions — before it’s too late!