Help get toxic PFAS chemicals out of our water

Help get toxic PFAS chemicals out of our water

The EPA has proposed groundbreaking final standards to regulate six toxic PFAS chemicals that would help protect the health of millions of people in the U.S. – a huge win for safe drinking water. Urge them to quickly finalize the strongest possible protections.

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A child drinking water from a glass.

Santi Nuñez/Stocksy

As many as 94 million people across the country drink water contaminated with toxic PFAS at levels exceeding the EPA’s proposed national drinking water standards.

This daily exposure to PFAS — known as “forever chemicals” because they are extremely resistant to breaking down in the environment — has been linked to a long list of health effects, including cancer, immune suppression, infertility, and developmental harm.

Last year, the EPA proposed limiting the levels of six PFAS chemicals in drinking water – a huge win for safe drinking water and our public health. If finalized, these drinking water standards would provide greater protection for millions of people from health harms associated with exposures to these PFAS.

Now the agency is about to issue the final standards — urge them to quickly finalize this historic proposal for strongest possible protections.